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Sustainable Storage Solutions

We all now by now that sustainability is something that is imperative for us here at Lawless Design. While we source sustainable furniture and decor, another piece that we look at is storage.

Function is crucial for design. Each client is so different, and so storage needs are always different. A clean organized home is something that I love and need. When things are organized in my home, I'm much more at peace.

Being interior designers, we have a lot of samples. Between tiles, fabrics, wallpapers, flooring, you name it, we have it. And with that, we need storage! I feel like no matter how much I have, I still don't have enough!

When I was looking to find some storage, I wanted them to be functional, but also look nice. I am not a fan of clear plastic bins for a number of reasons. I like storage that has tops on them or are an opaque material, so you can't see what in them. I found Uashmama and immediately loved the products that they carried and love their company values.

They use AGGO® Washable Paper with vegetable tanned Tuscan leather. The majority of the products are made from the sustainable paper with touches of accents of the leather.

**The production process in our sustainable tanneries is chromium free. The leather used is a by-product from the food industry, thus utilizing available meterials to reduce waste.

I opted for the Vassoio Trays and Easy Box Storage Containers for my office. Cute, but functional. Exactly what I need.

When going to photoshoots, I need to bring a lot of different things with me. (I should make a whole blog post on this!) Between the supplies that I have, my laptop, wallet and any other miscellaneous things, I have a lot. The Palermo Market Bag is the perfect bag for the job! Between all of the pocks and various straps, I am able to cart around a lot in that bag while still being organized.

One of my favorite things to do is to cozy up on the sofa with Mike + Kona with a big blanket. (Can you tell I'm an introvert?? haha) For that reason, we have a lot of blankets. We have this Paniere Bucket for storing them in our living room.

What kinds of storage do you need in your life?





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