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Our Outdoor Shower is My New Favorite Element of Our Home

There is something about outdoor showers, am I right? I love taking outdoor showers in the summer. They are so much more relaxing somehow.


We have been using our outdoor shower now for the last few weeks! With Mike renovating our upstairs bathroom, we don't have a shower to use anymore. So, Mike finished up our outdoor shower so we could use that for this summer.

Having an outdoor shower has so many benefits. We live 1/4 mile from the beach, so it's nice having a place where we can wash off our feet before going inside.

We also have Kona, and before, we were washing him in the basement sink. We have a large soapstone sink that we would pick him up in, and wash him off there. But, we all know that he would hate that.


I started by looking on Pinterest for inspiration....of course. I really wanted something to juxtapose our cape style home with something a little more modern. Here are some of the inspiration images I used to design our shower.

Wood Panel





We were putting this on the side of our home, so when you drive down the road, you would side it. We have a massive rhododendron bush there that adds such a nice pop of color and that wow factor!

I love the look of white showers, but I figured for cleaning and durability, doing a dark charcoal would be best. We decided on pressure treated wood for the base. I decided that they would be horizontally stacked, and Mike made the creative decision to add the staggered panels.