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Kids' Room Must-Haves

Designing bedrooms are fun, but designing kids' rooms are even more fun! Kids have such wonderful imaginations, and it's really exciting to design spaces to help nourish and encourage that. I'm going to go over a few must-haves I think are important for kid spaces.

Window Coverings

Whether it be curtains, shades, blinds or a combination, window coverings are super important for a kids room- especially if the child you're designing for still partakes in nap time. I highly recommend a blackout window covering, as it will allow you to darken the room during the day for nap time.

Basic Furniture Necessities

I'd say your basic furniture necessities include a bed, a dresser, a bookshelf or wall shelves, a nightstand and depending on age and space maybe a desk and a chair. I think what's important to keep in mind when considering these pieces of furniture is how they will grow with your child.


Hideaway Space

Like adults, kids often need time to disconnect from it all. A little reading nook, comfy chair or tented area are great options to allow your child to take some space for themselves.


Adding texture whether it be through area rugs, window treatments, pillows, light fixtures, etc is a great way to add coziness to your child's space. It's also an easy way to add color that can easily be changed out as they grow and their preferences change.



This is probably the biggest must-have for a child's room-- storage! Kids, from birth until forever it feels like, have a bunch of stuff. Having organized storage is key. Think about storage needs for toys, clothes, diapers and wipes, shoes, school stuff, sports stuff, etc. A closet with a mix of shelving and hanging storage is great, any bins you can get that make it easy to pull toys in and out of are great, etc. Storage is another area where it's great to think ahead on how your storage solutions will grow with your child.

Less is More

I think when it comes to kids rooms, less is more. Unless you're willing to completely redo your child's room as they grow and change, keeping it fairly neutral is the way to go. You can always add small touches of personality and color with decor that can be easily changed over the years.

What are your design must haves for kids' spaces? I'd love to hear below!




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