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Introducing the Lawless Log Cabin

Well...where do I even begin with this post! It has been LONG overdue that I write a dedicated blog post to our cabin!

For anyone who hasn't been following along (and I suggest you do with the Lawless Log Cabin), Mike and I bought a log cabin and are planning to rent it out in the next few weeks! It'll be ready for Airbnb by the first week in June. The cabin is located in Brunswick, Maine. It sits on 5 acres of land and is on the water on this cute, quite street.

The Before

A little background on our newest endeavor is that Mike and I bought a log cabin back in February. Over the last three months we've been renovating it. We have been sanding, a lot, and then sanding some more. I actually calculated the square footage for the cabin when I was purchasing stain, and well, it was 5,000 sq/ft! Yeah, I never want to sand again haha

In addition to sanding, we installed all new white oak floors from Stuga Studio. We did a partial kitchen renovation with painting the cabinets, installing a farmhouse sink, changing out the hardware, and installing floating shelves.

Mike is currently working on the bathroom, which I am so excited about. I think this is going to be the coolest room in the house! I want it to be a surprise for the next blog post, but we are doing something very different than what I normally do. A little pattern will go a long way here! Just a little hint, I purchased a viola marble sink!

With those who know about Lawless and what it means to me, you will also know that sustainability is at the forefront of my business. I want each space we design to be as good for people and the environment as possible. Because of that, all of the finishes that we've put into the space have no VOC's, are thrifted, from sustainable shops, from local shops, etc. It takes a lot of time and patience to find these things, but to us, it's worth it.

For the design, we are mixing a lot of various materials like woods, various natural stones, natural fiber rugs, and mixed metals. I love curating pieces that have different textures to create contrast through the space. Now, I'm only showing some sneak peaks here, so follow along for all of the updates!

If you're interested in renting the cabin, feel free to email!