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Interior Design Trends 2021

The most highly predicted interior design trend for 2021 is comfort. With the pandemic ongoing, a good portion of people are still working from home, kids are remote learning, hybrid learning or being homeschooled, virtual workouts are on the rise, and generally people are just spending A LOT more time in their homes than they previously have! Why wouldn’t the buzz word be comfort? Makes total sense.

Many design professionals are predicting that we’re going to see an uptick in furniture that is comfortable and practical-- that means more durable fabrics that can stand up to the increased wear and tear. Also, less “formal” furniture, and more pieces that evoke a casual aesthetic.


Wellness and sustainability will continue to be a top priority for interior design. Sustainability will be seen through people purchasing really solid, durable pieces of furniture, and/or incorporating quality furniture that has been passed down.


There will be a definite increase in attention to details. As mentioned, we’re all spending way more time at home, which gives us more time to notice things around the house. This also means we're wanting to spend more quality time at home, so people are paying more attention to the quality of linens and towels they’re using, and what tablewares they have to use, etc. This is great news for artists and artisans as we’ll see a rise in artisanal accent pieces. Minimalism will see a decrease as people are wanting “more” to look at while they’re in their spaces.

Warm, rich tones like deep reds and mustards will be very prevalent as will more and more color (including blue)! Think less beige, and more vibrancy… which is exciting!

With all of the video conferencing happening from home, accent lighting has certainly been on the rise as well. Table lamps, floor lamps, task lighting and sconces are all helpful for adding a more gentle light to your space.

Functionality is going to be big this year, mainly out of necessity. Any rooms that previously sat unused, or hardly used, are a thing of the past. Interior design in 2021 is going to be far less about excess and more about duality within spaces-- how to get the most functionality out of your homes.




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