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Holiday Décor: Inspo

I feel like I don't need to tell you this but after Halloween it's full on HOLIDAY mode. Trees, ornaments, garland, gnomes, candles, fake snow … it's a frenzy. It's wise to spice up your spaces enough so it can feel like a celebration and new season but not too much to where you lose all styling appeal. It's a thin line. So I put together a collection of holiday décor that we're loving here.

Whether you want to maintain a minimalist neutral style or choose the more traditional way with pops of burnt orange, burgundy and forest green, we've detailed something for you. In both situations, they key is to bring in natural elements of the season such as pine trees, cranberries, cinnamon and lights to create the feel of "holiday". Have fun with your holiday décor and choose pieces that feel true to how you want to celebrate this season but also to your preferred aesthetic.

This is a good start.





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