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Earth Tone Color Palettes That Will Warm Up Your Home

I'll always love a high contrast black-and-white moment or a fun tropical color palette, but there’s something incredibly timeless about earth tones. From warm brown to serene sage, these calming colors lend a laid-back, cozy feel to any space.

Earth tones are a go-to when looking to create a calm, comforting, and warm atmosphere. They all contain some brown pigment, which explains their muted appearance.

Below are some of my favorite earth-tone color palettes. In addition, to add depth and contrast to earth tones, texture is a must! Layering in varied materials like leather, jute, faux far, linen etc. will help to balance the palette in the space.

Sage, Clay & Ivory

Looking to add some warmth and coziness to your home? Look no further than a sage, clay and ivory color palette with soft blue accents. This combination creates a serene, organic environment with a hint of modern elegance.

Statement Crimson, Cognac & White

If you’re looking to shake things up a bit, consider a crimson, cognac and white color palette. This combination of rich reds, warm browns, and crisp whites will give your space a bold and luxurious feel that’s sure to impress.

Forest Brown, Black & Olive

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, then a forest brown, black, and olive green color palette is the perfect solution. These natural colors work together beautifully to create a laid back and inviting atmosphere. The brown, taupe, and olive add warmth and depth, while the black provides contrast and sophistication.

Soft Neutrals & Dusty Mauve

This combination of classic neutrals and soft pops of color come together to create a space that feels layered and cozy. The white and beige act as a neutral base, while the taupe and dusty mauve add warmth and depth to the overall look.

Cognac, Ivory & Terracotta

This mid-century modern-inspired color palette strikes the perfect balance between cozy and refined.

Charcoal and Chocolate

If the idea of a bold terracotta or earthy green seems too far out of your color comfort zone, fear not: there are plenty of subtle, neutral earth tones you can bring into your space. Take the timeless combo of charcoal and chocolate, for example.

Shades of Sage

Sage is one of the most popular earth tones, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it incredibly calming, it essentially functions as a neutral while still adding a hint of color to a space.

Navy, Gray, and Pine

If you’re looking for rich earth tones that still feel bold, look no further than navy, charcoal gray, and pine green. When paired with warm wood flooring, ambient lighting, and brass touches, this color palette feels like it was tailor-made for a moody bedroom.





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