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Designs We Are Inspired By Right Now


If you're lacking inspiration or ideas on how to remodel, refresh or decorate your spaces - you're reading the right blog. We've been swooning over mixing patterns, quality wall paper and unexpected storage solutions this season. I've compiled it all for you today!


Textured flooring with unexpected patterns is sending us! The mix of wood and tile in an install adds a custom feel to a home that's just yours. These combos are the center of the show and they know it.


I've said it before but it's worth repeating; great design combines beauty and practicality. These entryways are giving exactly that. The entryway in the entry point (hence the name) in most homes so it should set the tone but it needs to serve a purpose as well.


Even though some people don't want to spend too much time on their bedroom because it's "just where they sleep", I beg to differ. A carefully curated bedroom can be a safe haven and can have impact on the quality of your sleep.

Home Office

If you are fully remote or on a hybrid schedule, this is for you. Your home office doesn't need to be boring, on your dining room table or the kitchen island. There are many ways to incorporate a desk, lamp and chair in your space. If you have a nook that's not living up to its full potential, even better; consider wall paper and some built-ins for the perfect work space.


What's the one thing we will always need and will never go out of style? Storage. It's everyone's #1 request and headache. However, storage doesn't have to be ugly or boring, it can be this; unexpected and beautiful to look at but also holds all of our stuff. See aforementioned stylish and practical comment.

Feeling insipred?

- Raph