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Décor Mistakes That Make A Home Look Cheap

Decorating your home can be fun, fulfilling and expensive. But sometimes, in an attempt to save money, homeowners cut a few too many corners and the result is anything but beautiful. The good news is that you can decorate your home inexpensively and elegantly by avoiding some common cheap decorating solutions.

No matter your decorating budget, the goal is the same: to add to your home's beauty and create an aesthetically pleasing and inviting space. Before you start, make sure to avoid these mistakes that can leave your home looking cheap.

Mass Produced Art

Art is one of the most important elements of a well-decorated home and few things can cheapen a space quicker than mass production prints and artwork. Even if you can't afford to attend a luxe art show, sites like Etsy make it possible to afford original and unique art on almost any budget.

A Too Small Rug

When picking a rug, make sure it's large enough to fit right under your furniture so it is not simply floating in the room. A rug that is too large will make your space feel too full while a too-small rug looks haphazard and, well, cheap.

The Wrong Lighting

When you walk into an oversaturated and bright room, it can feel tacky and overwhelming. A super-high watt bulb is probably too harsh for your bedroom, while a dim lamp may make a living space feel gloomy and dark. Aim for three or more sources of light between overhead, table, and windows.

Furniture Sets

Filling a bedroom with a matched set from a big box store may be easy, but it's not necessarily inexpensive and it can make the room look like an afterthought. Mixing and matching styles, fabrics, and woods is a creative way to decorate on a budget and will make your home look fabulous. Pick just one or two items per store so your home doesn't wind up looking like a catalog photo shoot.

Taking a Theme Literally

If your home is nautical-themed, you'll want to avoid wall art that directly references the beach. This can look too on the nose and make a home seem cheap. The theme should feel like it's in the background of a room. To achieve this, don't let any décor element be too obvious. Instead, focus on creating the feeling of the theme, and remember that less is more.

Too Short Drapes

Just as the size of your furniture and rugs can affect how expensive a space looks, so can the length of your drapes. Short drapes signal that you either went for a shorter option because it was less expensive or simply because you didn't properly measure the distance above your window casing to account for the full vertical rise. Get it right from the start by measuring how much space you have above your window so you can mount a rod as close to the ceiling as possible. This should ensure the perfect length for your drapes.

If you're currently looking around your home and checking to see if any of these mistakes were made, don't panic. Pick one area at a time to tackle and in no time your home will reflect the upscale look you desire.





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