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Backyard Picnic How-to

Now that Summer is in full-swing, I'd love to share my favorite tips on how to throw an awesome backyard picnic or bbq. Of course it can be as simple as inviting your favorite people over and sitting outside chatting and eating-- but I'll share a few tips to elevate your experience.


Whether it's a blanket on the lawn or a table and chairs, you can always jazz this up a little with outdoor pillows for comfort. If you're able, try to place your seating in a nice, shady spot.


Depending on if you're hosting a full meal or just offering grazing options, don't overthink your menu! Simple dishes that can be shared go a long way (think pasta salads, salads, veggies and fresh fruit). Dips and veggies, cheese and crackers are also a great option!


I think it's always a good idea to have non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on offer (depending on who's joining your picnic). And of course, plenty of water!


Using disposable utensils and dishes is most common, but consider switching to more eco-friendly options like recycled content cups, wood utensils that can be composted at home, and unbleached, compostable plates, etc (or you can always use reusable options)! For serveware, you can always bring out some of your nicer things from inside-- think trays, salad spoons, cheese spreaders, etc.




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