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8 Ways You Can Practice Self Care

Self-care Sunday. That's a thing, right?

I started making Sunday into this day where I do a full skincare routine, face mask and all. I like having my Sunday be a day where we don't have too much going on. I mean, to be fair, I love Sundays in the winter because of football but now that Brady is gone, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEW ENGLAND?!

Anyways, I figured that it would take the opportunity to share some different ways that you can take care of yourself and give yourself a little boost. Below are 8 ways that I practice self-care!


Create a Cozy Retreat in Your Home

Let's be optimistic during this situation and start on those laundry lists of home improvement projects that we all have! If we are going to be spending all our time at home, make it a place that you want to be.

Skincare Routine

I freakin love my skincare routine! It's taken me some time to find nontoxic products that I actually love, but once I did, it made all the difference! Even its taking 5 minutes of your day to use a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer, that can do wonders! I myself find I'm "fancy" when I do a face mask!

I purchased these couple of devices from Vanity Planet earlier this year, and I have noticed a huge change in my skin between hyperpigmentation and breakouts.

Eating Healthy

This is something that can really make such a massive difference in how you feel! Take this opportunity of being home to make up some healthy meals. Think about food as fuel. What you put into your body is what you are getting out of it. Fuel your body with densely packed nutrients.

For the last year, we have been using Thrive Market for most of our food hauls, cleaning materials, and toiletries. Having that delivery is the best!

Use this link and get $25 off your first purchase!

Getting Active

We live in a day and age where YouTube is one of the biggest platforms. There are so many free workouts that people offer on there! There are also apps like Nike Training that have some great workouts geared to exactly what you need.

Go Outside

I don't know about you, but I feel my best when I get some fresh air. Just because we are staying home and social distancing, doesn't mean that we can't go for walks! Take some time and go outside and get that vitamin d. (Just be sure to wear sunscreen!)

Clean Your Home

I'm one of those weird people who loves cleaning their home when they are stressed. I feel like it somehow relaxes me. I crank some tunes on our Google Home and take a couple of hours and clean. I also find that I'm way more productive when I am working in an organized environment.

Petting a Dog

Do I need to say anymore?


Get off the news. Get off social media. Drama feeds drama. And while it's imperative to stay informed, it doesn't mean that you need to read every.single.article. or post that people put out. I found that I was getting really stressed and anxious when this whole coronavirus started because I was so deeply invested in the news. Once I got off of it and started going to our state's website for facts, not opinions, I was able to ease up a bit.


Stay happy and healthy friends!






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