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How to Decorate With White

For years, white has been the color of choice for designers, and for good reason! It really makes the perfect backdrop for spaces, making them light and airy. It is a great way to get a neutral pallet started and lets you build upon it.


Another great thing about white? It'll never go out of style, just like black. So, don't worry about painting your home white! Yes, you might want to change it over the years, but its not because white will be "out", it'll be simply because you want something different.


When we moved into our home, every room was a different color. I cannot stress how much I hate that as a designer. It just makes the home feel really choppy and doesn't flow. I think the best thing you can do is to have a set pallet, and use those colors together throughout your home. Feel free to use a variety of colors, but I always think you should have your base color and use accents in various places. For instance, we did out entire downstairs in Clare Whipped. But, we used Clare Current Mood for the powder room. It makes a great pop of color in the small space. We also used Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (the same color I redid our dresser in), for my office fireplace.

But, how do you decorate with white without making it seem too stark and boring? This is where I wanted to share tips that I use for our home and for my clients.


Use a warm white for your walls This is imperative to making your room not feel stark. You want to get a white that has a warmer undertone (without being creamy), so that it brings in warmth and doesn't make it feel cold. My go-to's for walls are Clare Whipped and Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Snowbound.

Use a different color white for doors, trim and ceilings

I like using a brighter white to contrast slightly with the walls and ceiling. My favorite trim colors are Clare Snow and Sherwin Williams Ceiling Bright White.

Use different finishes

My rule of thumb for paint finishes are eggshell for walls (so you can still scrub them), flat for ceilings, and semi-gloss for trim and doors

Use different textures

This is vital when designing with white and other neutrals! In order to create contrast, add in different textures with fabrics, woods, etc.

Be purposeful

I always like each thing in a room to have a purpose. That might just be to look pretty, but make sure that you really love each piece. You want everything to stand out, not be overshadowed by things that are just okay.

Add some greenery

Come on its me! Of course I am going to tell you to add some plants. Always. It really brings a room together.


Use these tips next time you want to paint and you will be golden!





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