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The Game Changing Sofa Company

If you are anything like Mike and I, you love cozying up on the sofa after a long day. And, if you live in New England, or a place where the winters are BRUTAL, a wood stove and fuzzy blanket are the perfect touch.



Now, sofas can be tricky. There are so many out there, but a lot of times there is something just off about the fabric, the color, the legs, or even the cushions. You spend hours searching online, and then more hours in stores trying to sit on them. The sales rep might give you a little fabric swatch, but you’re so confused with how the heck it’s going to look on the sofa because all you have to go on is a 4x4 square.

You can totally go custom, just be prepaid to bring your wallet and dish out some hefty money for one. I will say, I think a custom sofa is totally worth it, because it’s something that you are going to have for a long time. But not everyone is going to want to spend that kind of money.




So, a couple of years ago I was on Pinterest, (obviously), and I saw an ad for a company called Interior Define. The sofa was really pretty, so I clicked on the link and it brought me to their website. I noticed that they marketed themselves as a “semi-custom” company. They have their standard sofas, and they have tons of different fabrics and colors to choose from. I thought this was such a nice idea, an affordable company that sold good quality sofas, where you could customize the little details, (you know the ones that actually really matter).

Not only can you select the fabric, but you can also select the legs on them. Personally, I love the Sloan legs, and have used those on a couple of the sofas that I’ve purchased from Interior Define. You can pick your size and the cushions. The best part about the website is you get to see your actual sofa and how it will look depending on the selections. The photo updates as soon as you click the different options.

I for one love the pet and kid friendly selection. That’s my go to, even if my clients don’t have either. It just makes sense when you are buying a sofa that is an investment piece. Even if you spill red wine, (hello Hannah!), you can easily clean it up.

The nice thing about their sofas, too, is you can opt for an ottoman. I did this with one of my client’s whose space was really small, but they wanted a sectional and a coffee table. We ended up going with one of the larger ottomans, so they could move it around and use it as a coffee table or chaise when needed.