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Where to Shop Vintage Home Decor

You guys know I love my vintage decor, thats nothing new. In each one of the spaces that I design, I add in a piece of vintage decor to complete the look. I believe that antique elements are the key way to creating personality in a home. They make your home more unique and give a charm.

I love how many different styles you can find through each vendor, too! There are some of my go-to vendors for mid century modern spaces, and others for more boho vibes. While the hunt of flea markets and estate sales can be a thrill, there are tons and tons of online shops that make vintage shopping easier.

Over the years, I've curated a list of hundreds of vendors that I use! It's actually kind of crazy how well I know inventory out there. Lots and lots of hours spent curating for projects I suppose?


Overall, I do have a lot of vendors that I use, but I have specific ones that I always go back to. They consistently have amazing items to offer and its so fun seeing new items that they get!


My two favorite era's are the 1920's Art Deco and the 1960's mid century modern. There's something about each of those time periods that I just love. I have always been obsessed with geometric patterns and unexpected details. That's why the Art Deco style has stood out to me. I love the unique patterns that they used at the time and the intricacy of how things were made. The wood working pieces are my favorite during this time period!

As for mid century modern, I love the flow and the effortless style that the pieces have. It's the equivalent to "I woke up like this". You know it actually truly look a lot of time, but somehow still manages to look effortless.


Both time periods are pretty contradictory, but I think thats what makes it so fun mixing them in the same space. I love giving a space an eclectic feel. It's like uncovering the layers of the space.



Why you should shop vintage anyways?

-It makes your space unique

-You can get great deals

-It's sustainable to reuse


I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite places to shop for vintage items. Make sure you go through each one! You don't want to miss out!

Lamp and Co





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