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The Ten at Ten

Happy Wednesday everyone!

For this week's Ten at Ten post, I thought I should do something relevant to my life. We just ordered new dining chairs! They will probably be shipped and here by the time this blog post goes out, but for the meantime, we are just waiting on them to be delivered in the next couple of weeks!

I'm really excited, we have been using some old dining chairs that my parents gave me for my first apartment. And, while they work, they aren't the most comfortable chairs, and aren't really our style.

I asked Mike what we should get and his response was "Hannah, you know I'm fine with our chairs now, so I don't think I can be much help". So, that wasn't helpful. I sent him three different options, one from West Elm, one from Article, and one from Design Within Reach. I liked all of them, so I wasn't too particular with what ones he liked. I was actually surprised that he went with the DWR ones!

They are called the Salt Chair, and come in various colors. I really wanted black chairs, because I love the way that a light room looks when its contrasted with dark accents. The ones we got are linked below, and so are some of my other favorites!


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