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The Ten at Ten

I've always been one for fashion, and my style continues to evolve throughout the years. But, there are a few things that I think will always stay in style because they are so effortless.

For one, give graphic tee's a try. Band shirts, funny quotes, or just abstract art make up some of the styles. They have been around for years, and I don't see them going away. I love mixing up a cool graphic tee with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket! I'm pretty sure that 99% of my husbands wardrobe consists of graphic tee's, which lets face it, might be a little over kill. But I do admit that I really like some of them, and have had a Harvard one and this a blue and red one since we started dating.


Graphic tee's can be a comfy way to bring in some cool style. They give a sense of carelessness, while giving you that ultra cool factor! Shop below for some ones that I've been loving!


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