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Client Mother of Plants Reveal!

I'm so excited! Because this week we are finally sharing our Client Mother of Plants project!

This project was a small, but really fun and creative project. I find that I can get in a comfort zone and stay there and be totally fine with it. But, when a client challenges me and says that they love orange and yellow (umm I've never designed with orange for a residential space!), I'm ready for it just as Taylor Swift would say.


I really love how this space came out, too. The pillows are just so fun, and the client's artwork really makes the space pop. It's always fun to design for clients who have the same style that you do.

Sometimes when I send your clients some things that are little out of the box, I'm always a bit nervous. You never know if they will go for it or not. But, these clients were so on board with them! I really wanted to paint the office two toned. Done. Get loads of pillows with tons of color? No problem. Get that super cool geometric dresser because its super cool and geometric. Perfect.

And when everything came together, I loved it! I think it evokes the client's personalities, which is something I find really essential.

And, now that you've read my rambling, keep scrolling for the photos of Client Mother of Plants!