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The Ten at Ten

With Christmas right around the corner, there are sure to be a lot of parties going on! And of course, us women need a new outfit for parties.

I love Christmas attire and think that there are so many different ways to wear ordinary pieces in our closet, and make them feel more festive. With leather, velvet, lace and some sparkles, you'll be sure to create an outfit that you not only feel comfortable in, but confident, too.

For our Christmas, we are going to Mike's family for Christmas Eve. (Summit is joining us this year, too!) Having a little puppy and needing to take him out a lot, I'm definitely going for something super comfy, and cozy, because the Northeast is just brutal at this time of year!

Christmas is usually my day to get a little more fun. We go to my aunt's house with my dad's family. There are so many of us, and we all have some pretty crazy Christmas games! From American Christmas idol, (oh yes, I'm not kidding), to a yankee swap, we share so much laughter. There are a bunch of dogs there too, so I typically go for anything but a sweater that should just shred to pieces.

With that said, check out some of my favorite picks for this years holiday parties!


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