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The Ten at Ten

Okay guys, I'd admitting something thats not really popular amongst us interior designers. I get so stressed about picking out artwork for my clients! Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love art, (I'm a painter myself), but picking out something that is so personal for other people can be really hard. It's one of those things that can be so personal to people, and everyone has their own style that they love.

During my initial consultation with my clients, I like to sit down with them and chat about them and their family and spouses. I love finding out what they enjoy to do, how they spend their days, and any other little things that I could incorporate into their space to make it personal. I had a client a couple of years ago, that mentioned that she loved roses. And while we didn't select anything with roses with the furniture or decor, for the instal I brought a card and a little faux bouquet of roses to style with, and for her to keep. Their was another client that loves the woods and being outdoors (my kind of client!). So, we did a mix of abstract and realistic artwork to convey a forest or the outdoors.

All in all, artwork is always that final touch to the space that can really just make it all come together. Once the artwork goes up, its like the space just instantly comes to life. For me, I'm kind of all over the place. But, I tend to be drawn to abstract art and realistic photographs. They are the two mediums that I relate to most, but there are so many other ones that I absolutely love sourcing for clients!

With that, here are a few places that I love to shop at, and some of my favorite pieces from the stores!



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