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The Ten at Ten

Heyhey everyone!

I'm writing this to you all to share some exciting news over here at Lawless! I've recently joined Like To Know It, a platform where you can shop all of my looks from home decor to fashion. I always get dm's and emails about where I sourced something from, so I'm so excited to make this a whole lot easier for you!

Now that I am sharing these items with you, I wanted to do something fun each Wednesday, to bring a little spice to your hump day. Each Wednesday, at 10am, I'll be posting 10 of my favorite items of the week. It could be a bunch of sofas that I"ve been sourcing for a project, or it could be a mix of shirts and jackets that I'm loving for the season. It's really just going to be a surprise each week!

So, shopping the looks are super easy. All you have to do is click on the number, which will bring you to a link of the item. Put it in your cart, checkout, and you're good to go! I know, really simple! And this is exactly why I'm so excited to be sharing this with all of you.

To kick this week off, (and I'm sorry, I know its way past 10 EST!), I picked out some of my favorite pieces for fall. There is a gorgeous Anthropologie dress that I'm totally loving and would want to get for the honeymoon next week, and some super cute booties I've been eyeing for quite some time. You can never have too many fennel scarfs, so theres one in there, too!



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