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I spent the day with my dad going to the Brimfield flea market, near where I grew up in Western Mass. Brimfield is so amazing with how many vendors there are, and how many people travel around the country to go there. I'm pretty sure you could spent 3 full days and not see everything!

Since it can be so overwhelming, I wanted to give some helpful tips and tricks that I use while going to flee markets.


What I love about flea markets is its like a game. You have to go in with an open mind as to what you will find, because you really never know what you will come across.

Pro Tip - Parking

Get their early, because parking spaces get filled up, and the roads get insanely busy. We parked at the school around the corner so we didn't get in all of that madness.

Pro Tip - Food

This one is pretty easy, there are so many choices around the area. Wether you want ice cream, sandwiches, sausages, salads, there are so many options. Try to go off the beaten path so you miss those lines

Pro Tip - ATM

Get your cash before you get there. Some vendors take cards, and others don't. These lines are even more crazy, and I"m sure that you don't want to be waiting in them.

Pro Tip - Negotiation

I did a blog post on this a little while ago. Check it out and read my tips about the do's and don'ts of antique shopping.

Pro Tip - Creativity

Going to the flea markets, people have things paired together with unexpected items. Or they're using it in a way that is unique. I saw this card catalog, which I'm using for a project, and I loved the way that they used the plants with it!

Pro Tip - Vendors

Everyone always crowds to the front of the aisles, and walks around to the closest places. Start going to the father away vendors first. They haven't been picked through as much, and can have some awesome stuff that other people haven't even seen!

For more information on locations and times, head to their website to check it out!





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