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This year has totally flown by! I cannot believe that its the last couple of months of the year. I've been working on this project for the last year, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

The Milton Reno is home to two amazing clients, and their five year old daughter. They were living in a four bedroom, one bathroom, and decided that they really wanted a master suite, and didn't need that extra bedroom after all. So, we ended up making this into a three bedroom, two bathroom, and I have to say, the bathrooms are the best part!


We kicked off this project by getting some floor plans going of the new space. A must was to open up the staircase, and put a railing in, to allow the light to flow through. Knocking down that wall allowed for this space to really open up, and the shiplap we added gave it that charm they were looking for.

To accent the space, we used the brightly colored runner that the clients already had, and paired it with a leather pendant from Shades of Light. Throw in some Target finds, and you have yourself a modern farmhouse hallway.

Moving into the master bedroom, this space got a total makeover. We moved the bedroom to the side of the house, allowing to hookup to the existing bathroom to make way for the master bathroom. The duvet cover is one of my favorites by Parachute. It's really soft and adjusts to your body temperature.

The client already had this piece of artwork. We were searching down in their basement for art to put around the space, and came across this one. It has such a sweet story, and means a lot to them. I think it really fits the vibe of the space!

I was actually surprised that the client picked out these table lamps! I love them, but I thought they would be too modern for them. Needless to say, we ended up purchasing them, and the room really came together.

Peaking into the bathroom, like I said earlier, this is definitely my favorite space in the house. The cement tile floors are so fun, and they bring in a great pop of color.

It's on almost every female's wish list, to have a space to do their makeup in the bathroom. Plus, this one is right next to the window for natural light!

I'm pretty sure that these sconces and mirror were the two favorite purchases. I love that the mirror brings in a little bit of nautical feel, while also bringing in interesting textures. These Enchante towels have to be some of the softest ones I've ever felt!

Can you see why the bathroom is my favorite space in the house? I mean, look at that amazing shower!

And last but not least, a little room for the toilet. We added some floating shelves and some fun decor to spice the room up.

And last but not least, their daughter's bathroom. Here's a little peak in from the top of the staircase.





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