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Need to update your bathroom? Or give you home a refresh? Ever thought about hiring a designer? Well, here are some reasons to hire an interior designer to make your life a whole lot easier.


Why you should hire an interior designer

They save you tons of time

If you’re not into spending time on the internet online shopping (wait what…) than a designer is a great person to hire. They will also second as a project manager, coordinating contractors, shipping and installation. I mean that sounds pretty amazing to have someone take care of all of that for you.

They save time for the project

Interior designers are decisive and know what is going to work and what wont. They have past experience and know the steps to a successful project.

They know brands

Depending on your budget and timeline, a designer can take those characteristics, and suggest quality brands that will cater to your style. They work with hundreds of brands and manufacturers and will be able to source items perfect for your space

They have relationships with contractors

This is an essential one. Getting people you trust to do the work is so important. But, it can be hard to find. When you are already working with someone, chances are they have people they’ve worked with in the past that are trustworthy and hardworking.

They come up with unique and innovative ideas

Interior designers are in the business for a reason. They are creative people and stay up with trends and timeless designs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with my clients suggesting things, and they would say “Wow I never thought of that!” That’s the beauty of hiring a designer. They are going to give you ideas that you may never have even seen, or thought were possible.

They are professionals

I’ve tried doing my taxes before. And while it was easy the first year after I graduated college, once I moved five times in three different states in one year, I knew I needed help from a professional. It’s the same thing with interior design. Yeah, picking out some accessories isn’t too bad, but what happens when you are starting with a blank slate? Or renovating a kitchen? Hiring a designer will take away the anticipation and anxiety that comes with these types of projects.

They can do layouts and floor plans

Ever buy a piece of furniture and realize that it doesn’t fit in the space? Now what? You have to contact the manufacturer, pay for shipping and a restock fee, and then start from scratch and wait weeks for another one to come in. When working with a designer, they will provide you with floor plans to show exactly what size furniture will fit in the space.





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