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While 2018 has been off to a very confused weather start, I’ve been really thinking about this year and what I would like to see from it. Here, I’m sharing with you guys my 2018 bucket list items. From lifestyle, to travel, work, to family, there's a bit of every piece of my life in here.

Travel to a new country

Mike and I have been planning an Italy/Germany trip for quite some time now. And, well, its time that we get a move on it! I lived in Florence for 4 months back when I was in college, and I’ve always wanted to bring him back to the place that I love so dearly. With Mike’s family being from Germany, he has always wanted to go there and see some of the engineering and cars they have out there.

Become fluent in Italian

To that travel notion, I've been using the Dulingo app pretty much every morning since last spring. For 10 minutes each morning I've been learning how to speak Italian, and pretty well if I do say myself! It's time to kick it into high gear and become fluent so I can speak it when we head back to Italy!

Get more organized


So, my 800 square foot Boston apartment doesn’t have much storage…shocker! I’ve done my best, but it’s time that I clean out the old stuff, like that 2012 to-do-list notebook that I found a few weeks ago. Remind me again why I kept that and how its survived the 5 moves I’ve had since then?

Take steps for dream job

Well, yeah, I am working my dream job running my own company, but there’s more that I want to do with it. For one, I want my business to have a shop with custom furniture that Mike and I make. (Well, he makes, I just design it haha)

Learn more quick, healthy recipes


I’m on the go and out pretty regularly. One thing that I love doing when I’m home is meal prep on Sundays. I will usually make a couple lunches and dinners, and then have things like oatmeal and a smoothie for a quick breakfast. I hate spending a lot of time cooking, even though I love it. I would rather dedicate an hour or two and have a bunch of meals ready to go so I don’t get hangry. (Trust me, I definitely do!) I’ve found that I usually make the same old boring taco or pasta meals, so I’ve been trying to get better. Check out the 18 meals for 2018 that I have been getting inspiration from.

Clean out my wardrobe


I have so many clothes, like so many. And lets face it, I really only wear maybe 20% of them. I do this thing where I think I’m going to wear something, and I just cant let it go, even though I havent worn it in two years. For some reason I feel like when I do throw it out is when I’ll have “the perfect outfit” for that shirt and be so mad that I threw it out. Anyone else feel me?

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