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Okay, so I know I’m just like everyone else and love summer. But how can you not?! Don’t get me wrong, my favorite season is autumn, but summer is a close contender. From boating to beaches, to ice cream cones (I mean you can get that whenever but lets face it, on a hot summer day ice cream is where its at!) and maxi skirts galore, summer just makes you happy. Being able to walk outside without a coat on feels like heaven once you’ve endured a long, brutal New England winter. So, here are some of my favorite reasons for loving the summertime. I would love to know yours, as well!

Beach Days

Seltzer in one hand, a good book in another. Starring off into the beautiful water and then diving head first and realizing that the water is still 58 degrees in the heat of July! Oh yes. Got to love New England.


The Fourth of July is hands down one of my favorite days of the year. One word-burgers. Another word-grilling. My family goes to my parents Cape home for a few days and we do nothing but hang out, go to the beach, grill, and sit out by the fire. Can you think of a better way to spend your time?

Fresh Flowers

I’ve found that theres nothing quite like livening up your home, than with some fresh cut flowers and greens. They not only add a pop of color, but they are beneficial for indoor air quality!


Even I am a huge fan of the color black, but even I have been gritting my teeth this year just waiting for the right moment to break out my bright Kelley green skirt. I think we are in the clear now thought right? Right guys?

Farmers Markets

I’ve been really fortunate to live in both cities of Philly and Boston that have year-round farmers markets actually. The produce is great and you can find some awesome fresh fruits and veggiesl. It’s one thing to support local farmers, but its also another to support my wallet-and the public market in Boston is way cheaper than anywhere else around. I go there and it looks like I’m buying food for a family of six with the five pound bags of spinach, or the buy one get three cartons of strawberries, or “buy the box of veggies for only a dollar!”. Yup. I’m a sucker and I buy four different veggies, a couple fruits, and everything comes out to be around seven bucks for the whole thing. You couldn’t even get those berries at Whole Foods for that price!


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love being outside and hiking. Starting when I was a little kid, my parents always brought me and my brother around to the various mountains in Western Mass.. There’s something about pushing yourself till you want to fall over-then suddenly realize that you’re at the top and you have these amazing view and you cant stop smiling and you finally get to finish your snacks that I just love.

Family Time

My parents and my brother are my best friends. I absolutely just love spending time with them. It wasn’t always that way growing up, as Zach and I used to fight like crazy, but we grew up and soon figured out that each other was actually pretty cool. Right Zach? My mom is definitely the backbone of our family, and without her we would all be lost. My dad is the glue and kind of keeps us grounded while also being the joker. He eventually rubbed off on Zach, and now I have two quick whits that I need to catch up to. It seems to me that during the summer we are able to see each other the most. Having my parent’s home out on the Cape helps centralize us and gives us a reason to all come together.

Beach Sunsets

Need I say more or should I just share some of my favorites?

There you have it, my top reasons for loving summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!





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