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I think its about time for another round up friends! I have been searching high and low for the perfect rug for Mike's living room. I have designed the space to be a modern take on a craftsman home. So what I did was fuse the orange details that craftsman homes have, and mix it with some more geometric, clean, furniture shapes. The walls are a jungle green color with a dark walnut flooring. So, to contact, I wanted a lighter grey or ivory rug to really make those green walls pop. And, well, after some searching, I finally found the perfect one! I am using #1, but I thought I would share some other great options I had in mind, too. Enjoy!

Shop the look!

1. West Elm Wool Rug 2. All Modern Diamond Rug 3.All Modern Ivory Rug 4. West Elm Shag Rug 5.All Modern Metallic Rug 6. Loloi Ombre Rug





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