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Pretty much every week for the past couple of years I travel for work and to see my boyfriend down in Philly. I almost always have a suitcase packed with my travel essentials, rarely taking them out for more than a couple days if they even ever manage to make it out. And with that, I have pretty much become an expert on packing for traveling. Over the next few weeks I'll be taking three separate trips that will require flights. So, I thought that this would be a perfect time to share with you all some of my carry on travel essentials.


If you bring anything, this is my number one. Water is so essential when traveling. Being dehydrated is simply awful especially when traveling and who wants to pay $5 for a 16 oz water bottle at the Hudson News stand at the airport? Not me! There are a lot out there, but I prefer the aluminum ones. I have a Mira which I take everywhere. Its 25 oz and keeps water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Best $20 I've ever spent on Amazon!


Do you even leave home without them anyways? Personal favorites- the classic Raybans


Plane rides can get really cold at high altitudes. I always have a big scarf with me to use as a blanket if I ever get chilly.


Call me a snob, a millennial, or whatever else you wish, but I refuse to use the scratchy-barely working- airplane headphones. I actually love the Apple headphones. Having that microphone to be handsfree if someone calls you is perfect when you're traveling.


I mean do I even need to mention snacks?! Some of my personal favorites are Quest Bars, mixed nuts, beef jerky, fruit (like berries so you don't have to sit there awkwardly with a banana peel or apple core), rice cakes, and cereal/homemade granola (I'll pack some in little baggies beforehand). I love whipping up cookies or muffins for the trip, too. It's nice to have something a little more substantial. I'll also pack protein powder, which yes I was initially scared to bring I honestly didn't know if they would let me....but yes folks the do. And if you mention that no you do not have drugs and its simply protein, they laugh and say "yeah we know"....


Trust me - when the wi-fi expires and you are stuck sitting on your phone eating away at your data, you'll thank me when you have something else to distract you from the guy endlessly snoring next to you.


Another thing I can't leave home with


There's something that goes without being said about freshening up and just brushing your teeth. Somehow you feel like a whole new person, freshened up and ready to go.


If you anything like me, you're skin gets oily when traveling. I carry Neutrogena oil wipes with me in my purse for long trips and they are such a life savor.


Investing in a wallet that can hold your passport, boarding passes, itinerary, money and credit cards will just make your life so much easier so you don't have to go digging around in your pockets or bag to find things.


This is a must when its nice out! You know when all you want to do is sit back, recline, take your shoes off and just relax? Yeah well when you have sandals on I find it hard to want to put my feet down on the floor. So, I bring a fresh pair of LL Bean socks in my bag.


Ever lost your luggage? Yeah it sucks let me tell you. Having that extra set of clothes will be a game changer. And having your toiletries will save you the hassle of having to go to the store and buy all new things that you already have, they just didn't make it as quick as you did.

And there you have it! Some of my must have items for a comfortable flight.





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